Saturday, May 8, 2010

American Eagle Outfitters Haul

I went to the mall the other day and stopped by the American Eagle Outfitter store at my local mall. I thought after 4 years of college, I would've grown out of the American Eagle clothing and the teenage fashion style in general. I've been shopping at local boutiques or online for more mature styles. However, when I got to store, I still found a lot of things I like and ended up spending $170+ there. :) So here's the haul for all the things I got, enjoy!

First, let's start with shoes. We girls always love shoes and we always seem to NEED another new pair of shoes in our closet. :)

I really like the flat sandals for this season, it's very simple and chic and comfortable. AE had a deal for all the sandals in the store for buy 1 get 1 50% off. And of course, as always, I fell for that kinda trap.

I think this pair is a bit more dressy, it would look great with short jeans or dresses, e.g. the blue dress below.

This pair is a lot more versatile, it would look great with most summer shorts, skirts and dresses, and white is my favorite color too!

I've been eyeing this light blue floral dress for a while. It was originally $49.50, so I thought it was a bit too pricey, then that day it was on sale for $19.50! :D

This tank top is so comfortable. I got 4 of them in different colors. I wear them to everything, like basics, going to yoga, going running or even as pj. It was 2 for $25, not a bad deal.

This is another good find. I didn't really like all the studs on clothes and shoes. I am more for the simple classic look, I don't like crazy studs or crystals and etc on my clothes. Even that's the trend for this season, I didn't get any items along that line until this one. I feel like the studs actually look great on this tank top, it's so subtle but yet so unique. I got this in both red and white, and they were only $10 each!!! :)

This dress looked awesome on me, and it was only $24.50! I really like the detailing on the strap and on the back. It looks exceptionally cute with the skinny belt ($19.50) I got.

This is what it looks like with the belt. It looked a bit too baggy on me without the the belt, the waist area was too loose.

Check out the buckle, isn't it cute?? :D I think I can use this a lot, especially on any of the dark color dresses I have.

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