Friday, May 21, 2010

Mani/Pedi from Aveda Institude and My New OPI Nail Polishes

I've been getting manicures and pedicures from the Aveda Institute in Ann Arbor. The coolest thing about getting mani/pedi from Aveda Institute is that you get to keep one OPI nail polish after each service, which is included in the price. So you can get a mani for $25 or a pedi for $34, and this price includes an OPI polish and no tipping. Pretty good deal. The downside is that these services are performed by students. If you are unlucky, you might run into someone who's really inexperienced, then it could be bad. The trick is to ask someone who's gone through the "Salon Concept" program, because these are more senior students and they tend to know what they are doing.

So now let's talk about some OPI polishes I got recently. These colors tend to be more colorful and they have really cool names!!! The one thing I am always amazed by all the makeups marketing is that they can always come up with the cutest and romantic names for the colors.

*Lincoln Park After Dark

I am not a big fan of dark and crazy nail polish colors until recently. I've always been buying boring colors like sheer or light pink and etc. This is a very cool plum color. The one on my nail right now has 2 layers. If you want a lighter plum color, you can do just one layer, that's also really pretty. With the 2 layers, it's almost like black. :)

*Yoga-ta Get This Blue

This is another adventurous color for me. :) This is a dark sparkly blue color. Again, one layer makes it a nice dark blue color with sparkles, 2 layers would make it close to a black when you look at it from far away but yet has a blue shade to it up close. I absolute love it!

*Do You Lilac It?

This is more of my type of color. It's a really juicy light purple. :) I would always put 2 layers with this color because it's so light and one layer is not enough to get the color to pop.

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