Saturday, May 8, 2010


This Pitaya store was opened on University of Michigan, Ann Arbor campus fairly recently, last October I believe. You can also check them out online at:

Their style is more like Forever21 or Charlotte Russe, cheap but yet fairly trendy teenage or college kid clothing. I've been shopping at stores like Bivouac and YCL a lot, so the quality of their items really don't impressed me, so I didn't feel like buying anything from there.

However, for the last couple weeks I wandered in there twice, and I found some cute things that actually made me pull out my wallet. :)

Here is a very cute floral dress ($29). I fell in love with this fun and bright yellow-blue combination. I've been looking for a floral dress for a long time, but just couldn't find a color/pattern combo that I really like except for this one. :D

Another floral item, but this one is cooler, it has ruffles!!! I am obsessed with ruffles lately, I feel like they make everything more classy and feminine. Also, I love this light blue and red and green color. After all, I am a wolverine and I will always go blue. :)
Blue Floral Ruffle Top ($26).

Now time for something plain, a white dress ($29). :)
This dress is simple and great for summer. I don't think this will ever go out of style, so I figure it's a good thing to have for the closet.

I think the braided straps are very cute.

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