Saturday, May 22, 2010

My New Found Lululemon Addiction

I developed a new addiction a couple days ago: Lululemon!

As a yogi, I've been wearing Hardtail most of the time, and occasionally some yoga pants from Victoria's Secret just because they look cute. I see all of my yoga teachers wear Lululemon all the time, I was wondering what's so great about them. Since I am a total shopaholic, I had to check them out, so I went to a local boutique in Ann Arbor called Bivouac, which is the only place within walking distance for Lululemon products on University of Michigan campus. Soon after, I realized that was a huge mistake! :)

Right after I walked into the store, I saw this peachy scoop neck yoga tank and I fell in love with it at first sight. This design is just so cute and unique, the color really fits my skin tone very well, and the high quality fabric just seems irresistible. After I tried it on, I couldn't help but pulling out my wallet to pay for it. It hugs my body so well, I feel extremely comfortable in it. Even better, it gives me more support than those so called high impact sports bras I got from places like Victoria's Secret, Nike, Addidas, and Champion. I got two of these scoop neck tank, one is peachy(shown in pictures) and another one in light purple(the purple is very similar to the OPI nail polish purple in my previous post) and white. I also got a pair of pants with the colorful waistband. Now, I am joining all the other Lululemon addicts and wearing my lovely Lululemon to class. :)

Yeah, the Lululemon products are very pricey, but I think they might last longer. The problem I had with the Hardtail is that they don't last. I kill a pair of Hardtail yoga pants every 3 months on average. The Lululemon fabric definitely seems much stronger than Hardtail right now, I hope it beats Hardtail in endurance as well. I guess I wil find out later.

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